The Top Five Advantages of a Customised Property Search

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Are you planning on investing in a buy-to-let apartment? My Expat can provide you with customised property searches, in accordance with your criteria and the reality of the real estate market. There are considerable advantages to having us personalise your search as compared to signing up for estate agents’ mailing lists.

1- You give us precise details of your criteria

The My Expat team will examine every aspect of your project and the type of property you are looking to acquire. Which town or city? What is your budget? What are your criteria concerning location, layout and size of property? Based on all the requirements you provide, we will work together to define which properties are best suited to your search depending on the reality of the local market.

2- You will deal with one and the same person

One person only within the My Expat team will be in charge of your project. Having just one contact, a specialist in the local real estate market, will enable you to make rapid and efficient progress with your property search and you will benefit from a personal approach.

3- Quality over quantity

The assets our team will propose to you will be of a certain standard, they will correspond to your search criteria and in our expert opinion will have potential as buy-to-let apartments. That means you will not be spoilt for choice due to receiving a lengthy list of apartments. A customised property search avoids you having to go through the tedious process of sorting through a long list of assets.

4- There’s no competition

Another significant advantage to this way of doing a search is that when we propose a property to you, we do so on an exclusive basis. We do not send details of the asset to anyone else and only you will be made aware of it. So, you get longer to think about it than if there were several investors in on the property and that means, within reason, you do not have to take a hasty decision, (bearing in mind that real estate markets are constantly shifting).

5- You benefit from personalised advice and our full support and assistance

Whilst complying with your criteria, we will also present you with the best opportunities the market has to offer and send you a detailed report after each visit (including the location, a description of the surrounding neighbourhood, etc.) together with our comments and feedback on each property.

Lastly, once your offer has been accepted, we can take you through the whole notary and administrative procedure right up to signing the sales contract.

The bonus is that you do not waste any time.

Finally, a customised search saves you time every step of the way. You will find your property more quickly, and save time and energy during the whole procedure.