As an expat, how can I avoid double taxation?

As an expat, your tax declaration can easily prove a headache if your country of residence for tax purposes is not the same as the source country of your income. Luckily, there are ways and means to avoid being subject to double taxation. By which we mean paying tax on your income in the country you are living in as an expat and also in France. Read the article

The 3 Keys to Success when you Invest to Rent

Investing in an apartment to rent out is not without risk, but the fact that three million French people own at least one rental property shows that it's probably worth it... Read on to learn all you need to know before you invest, without faux pas! Read the article

The advantages of furnished rental and LMNP status (non-professional furnished property lessor)

You’re an expat and you want to invest in real estate in France. You may have heard of "LMNP", but not understand exactly what it entails. You’re an expat or simply a non-resident, and you’re wondering whether you would be entitled to all the advantages of furnished rental and LMNP. Read on - LMNP is a tax status available to all non-residents. But what how can you take advantage of it ? How do you become an "LMNP" if you don’t live in France ? Here, we explain the situation as it applies to you as an expat. Read the article

Real Estate Tax as a Non-Resident Expat

There are a few taxation specificities attached to real estate investments in France when you are an expat living abroad as a non-resident for tax purposes. Amongst these, the status of non-professional furnished real estate lessor is particularly advantageous. Read the article

How can Expats Living Abroad go about Investing in Real Estate in France ?

More and more French expats are investing in real estate in their home country. In that case, it’s important to be very familiar with the different stages involved in investing in real estate as an expat. Between looking for suitable real estate, important points to look out for, obtaining financing and the sequence of events involved in such a project, many expats are today seeking turnkey solutions to investing in real estate. A few specifics about the key stages of real estate projects for expats. Read the article
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