My expat: real estate with a difference

Living abroad? Thanks to My expat, you make a secure and profitable investment in buy-to-let property from the comfort of your armchair, without ever having to travel back to France.

  • Proof of fund
  • Contract & Identity verification
  • My expat login/password
  • Download the signed pre-agreement
  • Upload the financial offer of your bank/proof of fund
  • Control visit of the real estate asset
  • Signature of the Deed of Sale
  • Key delivery/handover

    Giving everyone the chance to invest in property in France - in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, without having to travel back. Because investing in real estate is complicated if you are not physically present. Because administrative procedures and paperwork take time and effort. Because being an expat and living abroad means different time zones and not necessarily having time for trips back to France. For all these reasons, we designed an intuitive, 100% paperless platform for organizing and overseeing your real estate project.


    We advise and represent you so that you can organize your buy-to-let investment in France from the comfort of your armchair abroad. Our platform is designed to cover all the stages involved in organizing an investment, from the initial study of your project to picking up the keys to your property.

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