The TOP 4 investments chosen by expats

French expats are exempt from paying tax in France on capital gains they make on financial investments they make in their host country. This tax advantage, which can be coupled with a lower cost of living than in France and/or higher levels of income means they have a significant savings capacity, which brings them to invest their money. Overview of the investments preferred by French expats. Discover which investments expats make. Read the article

How can my buy-to-let property be self-funding?

One aspect of a real estate project to which very considerable thought must be given is financing. In the case of a buy-to-let, we talk about an investment being self-funding. A lot of investors find the self-funding option highly appealing, since it makes the job of repaying the mortgage much easier for the owner(s) of the property. Find out how your buy-to-let can be self-funding. Read the article

How can several people invest in real estate together?

It may seem like getting together with other people, be it family or friends, to make an investment is an interesting prospect. Unless the project is managed very carefully, however, it can turn into a nightmare. There are several solutions for group investments and there are obviously advantages and disadvantages attached to each. The final decision should be taken based on the real estate project, the context and the situation of the people concerned. Read the article

6 Tips to Sell your Apartment Quickly

If you have a real estate asset to sell, you will probably find yourself having to deal with short deadlines, maybe because of a move you are planning, or because you are buying a new apartment. Here, My Expat shares a few ways of speeding up the time it takes to sell your apartment and finding a buyer more quickly. Discover how you can sell your apartment fast. Read the article

Timeframes in French Real Estate Transaction

You have found your dream apartment and agreed upon a price with the seller. All that remains is to make the sale official, a process that can take between 4 and 6 months. At each key stage of a French real estate transaction, there are set timeframes, with deadlines to observe. Read the article

Online Property Transaction – How do they work?

The process of buying property is undergoing a revolution. Innovating solutions mean that paperless (or "dematerialised") property transactions are authorised, paving the way for easier exchanging of information and documents for buyers and sellers alike - less paperwork, speedier communication and the possibility of arranging the whole process at a distance. Read our article to learn how an online property transaction works. Read the article

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate If You Are an Expat

As an expat, it is never easy to get a real estate investment project off the ground in France, there is the distance, the time difference, being in a different environment, not really knowing the market very well... All these aspects make the decision to take the plunge harder. But real estate remains one of the best long-term investments for several reasons, especially for an expat. Below, we lay out the reasons why we do not think you should put off investing in a buy-to-let. Read the article

The 3 Keys to Success when you Invest to Rent

Investing in an apartment to rent out is not without risk, but the fact that three million French people own at least one rental property shows that it's probably worth it... Read on to learn all you need to know before you invest, without faux pas! Read the article
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