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Lyon is one of the most French attractive cities
to realise an real estate investment.

Average gross profitability
between 4% & 5,5%

Minimum budget
from 130 000€

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Why invest in Lyon ?

With over 500,000 inhabitants, Lyon is a goldmine for investors. By all appearances, the Capital of the Gauls is one of France’s best cities for a real estate investment.

First of all, Lyon is known for its outstanding quality of life, which offers the perfect balance between city and nature. In particular, its historic old town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Second, Lyon is one of the largest economic centers in France: it is home to 1,500 different companies, including Sanofi, BioMérieux, and Renault Trucks. The Lyon region is the top choice for international companies looking to open affiliates in France.

Finally, Lyon has a lower unemployment rate than the national average, and a rapidly growing population with an increasing number of young people.
With several new projects in the works, Lyon is sure to rank among the very best cities for low-risk and profitable real estate investments.

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A few words about My expat

My expat was created in 2010 by Florent Vaudelin to help French expatriates manage their rental investments from abroad.

In 2015, My expat achieved a first for the French market with the creation of an online platform where investors can track the evolution of their real estate transactions.

This development led, in 2017, to a service allowing sellers to take advantage of the My expat network of qualified investors to speed up and secure the real estate transaction process.