Sleeping Beauty

Beautiful and vibrant, Bordeaux is an outstanding choice
for investing in a rental property in France.

Average gross profitability
between 3,5% & 5%

Minimum budget
from 120 000€

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Why invest in Lyon ?

Since becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, Bordeaux has been in a constant state of evolution. Sitting atop the 2016 Lonely Planet “More Attractive” list, the capital of France’s Gironde region is an excellent place to invest.

Beautiful and vibrant, Bordeaux is an outstanding choice for investing in a rental property in France. The city has seen property prices skyrocket during the past several years, a good testimony to the healthy state of the local real estate market. The 6th largest French city in terms of students (100,000), Bordeaux is also one of France’s 11 European centers for research and higher education. With an average annual population growth rate of over 2.4% (compared to the national average of 0.7%), it is the fastest growing region in all of France.

Modern structures, the renovation and showcasing of its cultural heritage, an influx of young people…the city of Bordeaux has undergone a major transformation. And since July 2017, it also benefits from a high-speed railway line to Paris, making it possible to reach the French capital in just 2 hours.
With its ideal location close to nature and the sea, its dynamic job market, and its attractive property prices, Bordeaux rivals any city when it comes to choosing the right place to invest in real estate.

Combine soaring demand with a limited housing supply and it’s easy to see why Bordeaux real estate prices have been on a dizzying rise as of late (a 10% increase just this past year). And they show no signs of slowing down! But with Bordeaux apartments averaging €4,400 per square meter, the city is a bargain compared to Paris. You still have time to take advantage of reasonable prices, and can count on your investment paying off nicely when it is time to sell.
Furthermore, with such strong rental demand, you’ll have no trouble renting your property and run little or no risk of it staying vacant. And as demand rises, so will rents, which means it will be easier for you to take advantage of the “leverage effect.” In fact, the rent that you collect every month from your tenants should easily cover the payments you owe to the bank.

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A few words about My expat

My expat was created in 2010 by Florent Vaudelin to help French expatriates manage their rental investments from abroad.

In 2015, My expat achieved a first for the French market with the creation of an online platform where investors can track the evolution of their real estate transactions.

This development led, in 2017, to a service allowing sellers to take advantage of the My expat network of qualified investors to speed up and secure the real estate transaction process.