The Golden Rules of Investing in a Buy-to-Rent

Real estate is such a popular investment because it represents the ideal compromise between security and yield. There are, however, certain things to be aware of before taking the plunge, and rules that must be obeyed. Discover the golden rules of investing in a buy-to-rent. Read the article

I Have a Budget of €300,000, What Should I Invest in?

Low interest rates at the moment mean gains in real estate purchase power for investors. With a budget of €300,000, you can put together a solid and profitable long-term investment project. Discover the property investments that are possible with a budget of €300,000. Read the article

Real estate investment : How can I ensure my rental income covers my mortgage payments ?

Most people need to take out a mortgage when they invest in property. Whether you go through your bank or a broker, that mortgage has to be repaid in the form of monthly payments. At the same time, you will be receiving rental income by letting out your apartment. But how can you arrange it so your rental payments are roughly the same as your monthly mortgage repayments? What conditions are necessary for you to structure your financing so the rental payments cover the full cost of the monthly instalments. Read on and we'll explain it to you. Read the article

Taking Out a Loan as an Expat : How to Maximise Your Odds

Living abroad and you'd like to invest in real estate in France? You'll need to convince a bank to go along with your project. With interest rates as low as they are today, how can anyone pass up on the opportunity? The only problem is that it's sometimes harder for an expat to get a mortgage. Harder, but not impossible! With My Expat's help, discover how taking out a loan as an expat.  Read the article

How do I calculate my debt ratio ?

It's a good idea to calculate your debt ratio before meeting with your bank. Your banker will be able to tell you your borrowing capacity and assess the soundness of your application. All vital information before starting negotiations. Read the article

3 Ways of Investing in Real Estate in France

Depending on your profile and what type of investment you want to make, there’s an array of legal tools available under French law to allow you to customise your investment. Discover several ways of investing in real estate in France. Read the article

Which Banks will Lend to Non-Residents ?

When granting a loan, all a bank is interested in is how much of a risk the borrower is. Because they do not live in their home country, as clients, non-residents can be seen as more complicated to manage. Here, we shine a spotlight on the most "expat-friendly" French establishments. Read the article

Expatriates: How to assess your mortgage capacity?

Most people find themselves expats because of a professional opportunity, with financial advantages often being part and parcel of the deal. But when it comes to taking out a loan in France, things can get complicated - salary paid abroad, type of contract, requests for collateral are the main obstacles you can face. There are solutions, however, but how is a mortgage calculated? What lending rates do French banks apply to expats? And more importantly, how can you be sure that a French bank will grant you a mortgage for your project? Answers. Read the article
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