6 Tips to Sell your Apartment Quickly

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If you have a real estate asset to sell, you will probably find yourself having to deal with short deadlines, maybe because of a move you are planning, or because you are buying a new apartment. Here, My Expat shares a few ways of speeding up the time it takes to sell your apartment and finding a buyer more quickly. Discover how you can sell your apartment fast.

1- Get It Valued at the Right Price

This stage is essential if you want to sell your apartment quickly. How smoothly your real estate transaction goes will depend on it. It is wiser to use the services of a professional to estimate the value of your asset. It is extremely difficult to estimate the correct value of an apartment yourself and owners often frequently overestimate the price of their property, because they are not objective and there is sentimental value involved. Valuing a property above actual market values is the best way of ensuring your property will take longer to sell.

2- Declutter and Tidy Up

It is also very important for potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in the apartment when they view it. Keep it simple and create a welcoming atmosphere, remember to tidy up any mess, including inside your cupboards and especially inside any fitted walk-in wardrobes. Make sure there is no clutter anywhere, not on the walls or the floor, or in the corners, by storing your belongings somewhere like in the cellar or in an outside storage facility.

3- Make It Less Personal

Along similar lines, to help future buyers imagine themselves in the apartment, make an effort to eliminate the personal touches in each room as far as possible. Remove very personal objects, like trinkets, pictures, souvenirs, family photos, children’s drawings on the walls, along with posters, anything stuck on the fridge, etc. Also, try to remove any elements of decoration that are not neutral so that your personal taste is not obviously on display.

4- Clean the Apartment


Giving your apartment a clean can completely change the impression a buyer gets. Of course, you should dust, but also remove traces of mould, and any marks on the walls. Give your apartment a deep clean, so that even the darkest corners are impeccable.


Another thing, do not hesitate to give the walls and ceilings a coat of white paint. That will give your apartment a more neutral feel and can make it look as good as new.

For these last three tips, you can use the services of a home stager, who can do it all for you.

5- Know your Stuff

Information about the property

Be thoughtful, show how conscientious and motivated you are, be sure to prepare any information that may be required by buyers and estate agents, such as the floor area of each room in the apartment, local tax notifications, year of construction of the building, land tax notifications, reports of the latest general meetings, invoices relating to any recent work, and any other documents you think may be relevant.

Emphasise the good points of the property

Finally, assess your apartment and list all its advantages, anything that will make it stand out from other properties on the market. For example, is your apartment located in a friendly, calm or lively neighbourhood, near public transport? Or maybe your apartment is very bright or the building it is located in is very secure. Feel free to talk up these advantages to potential buyers.

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6- Use the Services of My Expat to Sell Your Apartment

Would you like to put your apartment on the market? My Expat can take care of selling your property online, from a distance, even if you live abroad, and without you ever having to travel back to France.

We will look after everything, from getting the property valued, putting it on the market, organising visits, negotiating, managing arrangements with notaries, and all administrative aspects related to the sale.